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Projects for Fall, 2009:



Gasifier Powered Go-Kart

Team:  Brian Fisher, David Gagnon, and Devin Sutcliffe

Description:  A go-kart powered solely by wood gas produced by a gasifier.



Tennis Ball Collection System


Team: Laura Bayley and Adam Hoffman

Description: A system that will collect collect tennis balls when playing with a ball launcher.



Bass Guitar

Team:  Michael Sunshine

Description:  Electric bass guitar bridge, neck, head, and body redesign.



Electric Bike

Team:  Maria Macrina

Description:  A compact system to make a hybrid electric bicycle.



Electric Bicycle Brake

Team: Evan Lazer

Description: An electromagnetic brake to retard bicycle speed.



MIDI Violin

Team:  Ben Howard

Description:  A violin that can sound like a bassoon.



Solar Powered RC Plane

Team: Nick, Jun, Jon

Description: A remote-controlled plane that can be recharged in flight and on the ground with onboard solar panels.


Carpal Tunnel Retractor

Team: Sophia, Daniela


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