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 ENGN 1000 - Projects in Engineering Design

 FALL 2012


Thursday 4:00 - 6:20 pm


B&H 155


Kipp Bradford (B&H 447)


Christopher Bull (Prince Lab 207)



Office Hours: Tuesday 4-5:30, Thursday 12-1:30



Projects in design for concentrators in chemical, electrical, materials, and mechanical engineering. 

Students work in teams on projects that are defined through discussions with the instructor. A new product or system that optimally satisfies a set of engineering criteria is the goal of the semester’s effort. Students will establish initial requirements before iterating through a multi-step design process including research, conceptualization, feasibility assessment, analysis, construction, testing, and evaluation.

Design of robotic systems, mechatronics, and automated systems will be emphasized by the instructor.

Prerequisite: completion of engineering core program. Enrollment limited to 40. 



Current Projects




Example Proposals (click this link to download PDF file)


Previous Projects




2012 Spring 2012 Fall
2011 Spring  2011 Fall
2010 Spring  2010 Fall
2009 Spring 2009 Fall
2008 Spring 2008 Fall




Class Videos





  • 45%: Completing 3 iterations of the engineering design cycle
  • 20%: Meeting requirements. 
  • 15%: Class participation: Comments on Lecture and other teams' design
  • 20%: Final Presentation


Calendar - 2012 Fall Lecture & Assignment


Administrative Details & Meeting Time Calendar 


Project Proposal Template


PCard Order Form



Course Summary


Engin1000 is a capstone design class which presents concepts of the design process, and strengthens students theoretical engineering abilities by introducing project requirements and real-world constraints. Students will gain first-hand experience with the design process while using engineering skills to solve technical challenges in their projects.


Please fill out the Project Preference Survey   [Survey Results]


Links and Outside Resources


Project Ideas:



Design for the Other 90%

Yet2 - Open technology sharing site

SBIR - Government funded requests - many companies live off these, some neat ideas




Mechanical Rapid Prototyping

Ponoko - 3D Printing, fewer materials, and 2D Laser Cutting

Shapeways - 3D Printing, many materials


Electrical Rapid Prototyping


Sunstone Circuits



Octopart - Online Electronics Search Tool

Inventables - New, undeveloped, or advanced materials

SparkFun - Simplified or developer kit electronics

Adafruit Industries


McMaster-Carr - Anything and everything

Digikey - Anything electronic (including sensors and more)

Mouser - Same as Digikey

Jameco Electronics

Northern Tool

Tower Hobbies - RC Electronics and miniature mechanical components

Robot Marketplace - Many kinds of robot components: motors, controllers, batteries


Laser Cutting for Balsa Wood






Brown University

Patent Resources

MIT Design Links

Gantt Chart with Google Spreadsheets

NASA Engineering Design


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