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Projects from Spring, 2008:



Power Generation for OLPC


Using small, discrete wind energy to power an OLPC



Bicycle attached water pump/UV treatment/water transport

Rebecca & Tom:

Practical attachment that clips onto bike instead of special bike design



Taekwondo Training Targets


Portable punch and kick targets with secure base



Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft


Carbon fiber half-shafts for Formula SAE race car



Sprint-Safe Bicycle Rollers

Jeremy & Brian:

Bicycle rollers with accessories to reduce the risk or falling off while sprinting



Automatic Guitar Tuner


Motorized guitar-tuning accessory



contact Daniel underscore Ludwig at brown dot edu


Portable data-acquisition system for novel vitamin D sensor



Improved Body Armor


Composite, lightweight laminate body armor which extends over whole body



Tennis Racket String Tensionometer:


Portable, accurate string tension measuring device for tennis rackets


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